Bleeding after VED use

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Hey guys, it's been a long while since I posted on here - hope you're all good. I'm one of the fortunate ones whose Peyronies Disease seems to have "settled", so I've just been going about my journey - with a bit of light VED use here & there to keep things in check.

Decided to follow my usual 20 minute routine this morning, didn't do or feel anything out of the ordinary.

However, at the end of the session when I took my penis out the pump I was bleeding out of my urethra. Not a massive amount of blood - if you imagine how you might dribble precum when you're super excited... it was that kind of quantity. But obviously any blood coming out the penis at all is enough to be alarmed at.  :-\

I cleaned myself off, gave the pump a little wash & then headed to the bathroom to urinate a few minutes later - a little nervous & fully expecting it to be a blood bath. However, there no visible blood in my urine at all. For all intents & purposes, it seems as if it was a momentary bleed - which I can only attribute to pumping. I've been in a long-term relationship for the better part of a decade now, & I'm confident neither of us has strayed - which rules out an STD. So, as I say, I'm fairly sure the VED use must be the culprit.

Obviously I'll be avoiding using it again any time soon, but I wondered if any of you have had this before?


I am wondering how much pressure are you applying and for how long? Does your VED device have a pressure gauge on it? Have you ever had a urethral stricture? Blood in the urine or was it blood from the tip of your glans?
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