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I found this interesting study for ESWT. The success rate is shown with 47% ("In total, 90 (47%) of the 190 patients treated for Peyronies Disease in this own very heterogenous series showed success defined by significant (>50%) plaque reduction or even complete resolution and by at least 30% improvement of penile curvature as measured 6–12 months after ESWT.")

It is written that there are huge differences between the different types of ESWT machines.

I wonder if the shown success is only related to the ESWT. I think the most patients will do various treatments to fight peyronie.
Early 40s, no ED
02 2024 injury
04 2024 50 degree upward, start Cialis 5mg daily, start penile modeling (daily 2x3min)
05 2024 start PMP daily ~5 hours, start LI-ESWT (8 weekly treatments), PRP (P-Shot), start Vitamin E daily