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Hello everyone. I'm 40 years old, Peyronie appeared in may-2023, 30% curvature upwards, I don't know the exact cause, it's followed by ED.

I'm married, I can practice sex, and because of ED, I use a combination of Ezerex powder and Megatop 2.5mg (the active ingredient Tadalafil). As for now it helps.

I've tried the ESWT therapy with no success. I'm currently using Contractubex gel (two months till now) on the recommendation of urologist who tell me that it is an official recommendation at the congresses he attends. As he says, they (medical community) don't have a better solution at the moment. I'm also taking vitamin E. No improvement for now.

This forum is a great place, better than anything I've come across so far regarding Peyronie's disease. Unfortunately, I don't see that there is a solution at the moment, but it's good that people have come together and exchanged useful information in a serious way.

At this point, I also represent my friend who also has Peyronie, a much worse situation than mine, and whom I met in therapy, but who does not speak English and needs me as a support in searching over the internet and translaiting to our language.

Hi tried ESWT, Verapamil creme, Verapamil injections, Advantan creme and Contractubex gel. No improvement for now.

If anyone has any questions for me, please go ahead. It will be a pleasure for me to participate in this forum and share useful information.  
Plaque Diagnosed in May 2023
Me therapy: ESWT, E vitamin, ContracTubex
My friend therapy: Same as me + Verapamil gel, Verapamil injection, Advantan


Hello TonyJohny,
Thanks for joining the Forum, for filling in your profile, and for sharing your story.  
My advice is to question your urologist a bit more on his idea of using Contractubex for Peyronie's. When he says it's the "official recommendation" of his congress, I have no doubt that it's recommended for scar tissue on the epidermis after surgery.  That's what Contractubex was made for.
  However, the plaque on the tunica of the penis which is believed to cause Peyronie's is not the same type of scar tissue as what forms on the skin after injuries or incisions.  What's more, the layer of the skin known as the stratum corneum actually PREVENTS the absorption of all sorts of chemicals from the epidermis into the body.  
  Please note this quote from the National Institute of Health article:

Transdermal drug delivery is an alternative method to the injection and oral administration of drugs. 11 It is claimed that Contractubex can be effective in the management of scars. 12 Contractubex contains heparin, allantoin, and onion extract. 8 The stratum corneum of skin prevents penetration of the drugs through the skin.

Here is a link to the article:

So while your urologist is right that Contractubex has been shown effective in aiding the healing of scar tissue on the skin, I do not believe his congress actually recommends it for Peyronie's.  For one thing, the skin on your penis will prevent the drug from being absorbed.  If anything, I would be worried about the potential side effects of applying such a drug to the sensitive skin of the penis.

Please check with him/her, and please question if he really thinks Contratubex could be effective for removing plaque on the tunica of the penis -- the tunica is underneath the skin which prevents absorption.  I would be very interested in hearing any medical logic as to why this could be a valid therapy.

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best in your journey.  Sometime Peyronie's goes away or gets better on its own. All of us hope that this will happen to all of us.

p.s. I agree with Vitamin E, one 400 IU capsule daily.  At the very least it's most likely to be harmless, and it is an anti-oxidant which is absorbed into the body so it could potentially work its wonders on tunica plaque. I know of one case of Peyronie's which went away after three years and the patient took nothing but one Vitamin E daily.

Age 64, Peyronie's history 4 years, left side hourglass, 20-degree bend to left, no ED