Looking for a Dr. to remove Placation stitches and do Incision and grafting

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After having two placations, the second one leaving from my 5.9" erection in the very beginning to the second one mentioned in another post, that has put me down to 4 inches.  I cannot get good penetration. Stroking is a problem. Friction is a problem. Yes I am straight, but its good for nothing. It took almost a year from my second placation to heal the scars.  I also had to have treatments to get rid of the scars. This last Dr. also I believe pinched a nerve between the gland and the shaft and he said that the pain will never go away.  
I do believe in my het that it can be done.  I know scars can be done with since the way I was last left like a porcupine to a smooth and normal looking skin, just too short.  
I have caution you, the small dick does mental depression to the thoughts of ones elimination of one self even with therapy.  I doubt there are may women that want to look at a 4" erection.
Please, recommend a Dr. or any Dr. willing to take this on.  Willing to send Pix or consult.  The goal is to take out the restriction knots and anchors, and give me back my length.  I do not have much left in this lifetime, and it has been almost 2 1/2 years since the last surgery.... Tried intercourse 3 times in the last couple of years.  its a joke.  I need the length.   Please.  
Started 3 yrs ago. Had placation in July 2019. Second in 2022
I did notice shortening 
Second one distroyed sex life and left me with a lifetime of 24x7 penile pain.