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I have peyronies and have had it for 15 years. Having sex is hard but I can do it the problem. I am having now is that I cannot keep it hard. I've had an ultrasound done and they say that there is a lack of blood flow to my penis. I was wondering if anybody had any advice or use the tens unit on my legs and feet for neuropathy blood flow working in my legs and feet I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations what do they think that if I were to use the tens unit on my penis with a low setting that will help get the blood flow started again. I don't know what the problem definitely is lack of blood to my penis or weather The position I need to get in to have sex tires me out to where I can't finish because I am a 70 year old man.
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You need to give us more details. At your age, there are many factors that contribute to ED. You need to have a full physical assessment to get a clear picture of what conditions may be contributing to your weak erections. From there, after you check for hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, etc, you choose which treatment is better for you.

Doctors always start by recommending pills. From there on they may talk about vacuum erection devices or injections. But if you want a definitive solution at your stage in life then you have to look into Penile implants.