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Hello everyone, Thank you all for being here, for this supportive community. The short version is that I have four BB sized lumps along the left undercarriage. I did a string of Soundwave appointments in Los Angeles, (NOVUS) which cost a fortune and offered no beneficial result. I am working now with Mr. Meltings recommendations as described in his thoughtful and generous posts. I often feel pretty hopeless but I am persevering in hopes that I will be able to straighten the curvature. I am doing my best to be consistent with the recommended elements:vacuum, traction, and DMSO+. Feels like a full time job and I am challenged to find both the time and the privacy. No discernible effects yet, committed to the long haul and to progress!  
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I have not heard of anyone having improvement or success with soundwaves.
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Welcome aboard! Just like LWillis said. I don't think I have read any accounts of members benefiting from shockwave and unfortunately doctors sell it as a treatment that provides some benefits to patients in despair for something that works.

You are already ahead of the game but pursuing those therapies. (vacuum/traction). The key thing with those is following the recommended protocols and stick to them for a substantial amount of time.

Taking pictures of your condition could help you better gauge the progression of the disease. Please stay focused, and stay with us.