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In the protocols for Xiaflex, there are two hand modeling procedures described: flaccid and erect.
Page 4: https://www.xiaflexrems.com/assets/XiaflexUI/rems/pdf/resources/patient-counsel-tool-Peyronies Disease.pdf

Is there any evidence that the erect modeling (right hand side of page 4 in above document) would be beneficial in general practice? In otherwords, would gentle straightening while erect help someone that hasn't had the xiaflex? Is the same effect gained by using ved you think?

I am still not sold on the risks of Xiaflex. If Trost was an option I would probably be on a plane. I have a list of a few Drs close enough (from Xiaflex site indicating 20+ in the past 12 months) that I may eventually choose one and look into that route again after the bad experience with the jerk Dr. I think I would ask any of them what their specific protocols are and compare to Trost's before considering.

"An entire treatment course of XIAFLEX® consists of up to 4 cycles and takes approximately 24 weeks to complete."
Coupled with
"Within 24 hours after treatment, your penis may appear bruised and/or swollen and you may have mild-to-moderate penile pain. Ask your healthcare provider if over-the-counter medications are appropriate."

THAT seems intense and is a barrier to me. I can't see fitting that much into my life right this moment.

So for now, just wondering if it would help to add some modeling to my current regime using RestoreX, or maybe adding ved to my regime so I have both the right and left hand sides of the document.
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