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Hello everyone,

I stumbled upon this forum by accident while researching about Peyronie's Disease.

I have been dealing with Peyronie's since 2015. Interestingly, during that same period, I also went through a divorce. No, Peyronie's wasn't the reason for it; there were other factors involved. In fact, my ex-wife isn't even aware of my condition, as our marital issues began long before 2015, which was just the final chapter of our relationship. Surprisingly, this separation helped me avoid sinking into depression over Peyronie's. Starting a new relationship or getting romantically involved with someone else was the last thing on my mind. To be frank, for years, thoughts of sex didn't even cross my mind, and strangely, it helped my mental well-being.

Between late June and early July 2021, I underwent treatment with two Xiaflex 0.9 mg injections, which helped eliminate the plaque and improve the curvature. Post-Xiaflex treatment, I experimented with traction devices like the Restorex to regain my original length. However, due to my procrastination and lack of time and privacy, I eventually abandoned using them.

Now, I find myself at a stage where I want to rekindle my sexuality, and I seek your advice regarding choosing a vacuum pump, which I'll discuss further in a dedicated thread.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best regards.
60 yo. Affected since 2015. Treated in 2021 with two Xiaflex 0.9 mg injections Plaque gone, curvature significantly improved. Length reduced.Good erection with not pain.


Welcome Spid63 to the forum and thank you for filling out your signature line. Also please download our survival guide -->Survival Guide.

Sorry to hear about your situation. So 9 years ago you developed peyronies and then in 2021 you underwent 2 Xiaflex treatments. So during your Xiaflex treatments did you actually use the traction device as this is standard procedure for helping the medication remodel your penis? How much of an improvement did you see? You may have gotten even better results if you continued with the traction. So how much of a deformity do you have now?

VED could help you somewhat, you just need to give it a try. You say your erections are fine and you are in no pain which is good. In looking for a VED device you need to get one that does have a pressure gauge on it. Also make sure that you do not get one with an automatic pump as this could be dangerous in over pumping. The VED protocol here has you using graduated sizes for pumping with very short holding times after reaching your erection. I have been using the LeLuv cylinders through Kodidistributing. Quality is what you should look for as a lot of them are cheaply made. You also need a pressure gauge on it to never overpum as you can damage yourself.

Search the forum and you will gain some insight into VED therapy from other members. Time and dedication are required though with any peyronies treatment. We adopt the mindset that this is a marathon and not a sprint.  :)

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