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Hi all!

I've been having issues since a couple of months back and I'm still awaiting a urologist appointment, which is in exactly one weeks time. I still have inflammation and pain that comes and goes. My injury site is near the glans on the left side. I suspect it still hasn't healed fully.

I'm having a couple of weird symtoms, one is that after an erection or a certain movement that puts a strain on my penis I tend to feel some tingling or pulsation in the left foot (same side as injury in my Penis). I can only assume it's circulation related. The other is that I can also feel some soreness on the abdomen, (again same side), usually after an an erection. I'm currently avoiding getting erections unless they're random or during wake up.

Anybody recognise these symptoms? what does it mean and how should it progress?

thanks in advance!

32 years
Undiagnosed (awaiting urologist appt)
Injury & symptoms since early march 2024 - sudden worsening a month later (re-injury?)
Approx 45 degree curve to the left, injury site near glans


I have never heard of such symptoms, related to this disease. Could you have another health condition that you are not aware of? Have you mentioned this to a doctor? Maybe you could do a physical exam to rule out what I could be.  


These symptoms could potentially indicate issues with circulation or nerve sensitivity, but only a thorough examination by a healthcare provider can provide a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

In the meantime, continuing to avoid activities that exacerbate your symptoms, such as movements that strain your penis, and practicing self-care measures like rest and gentle exercises may help alleviate discomfort. Keep track of any changes or new symptoms you experience and communicate them to your healthcare provider during your appointment for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Take care, and I hope you find relief soon  ;)  
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