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I've heard it said by some to try and limit your inflammation of your penis when you have Peyronies.  Doesn't this contradict with VED pumping?  When you pump you are generally erect.  And if VED protocols suggest pumping daily you are not really giving your penis time to not have inflammation going on if you are getting erections daily.  Seems contradictory.  If you pump without an erection maybe that is the way to get the benefits of the pumping without constantly inflaming your penis with an erection?
Age: 44
Large Indentation 3/16/20, lead to Penile Microfracture on 6/26/21.  Still suffering from large indentation, some wasting on other side of penis and large nodule when erect in center of penis (dorsal). Penis is straight & erections are good.


VED pumping brings fresh oxygenated blood into your penis and promotes healing and stretching things out. Erections also accomplish this and are a good thing.  This will reduce inflammation over the long which is what you want. Reducing bodily inflammation through diet and exercise and healthy lifestyle choices is what will help you now and in the future. Remember that peyronies is a healing disorder disease of the penis fueled with inflammation.
Lump 4/2020, age 63 , Dr Levine 6-26-20, Dors Curve 11/2020, Peyronies
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