Traction devices and hard flaccid

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Does anyone have experience with using traction devices while having hard flaccid?
I recently bought a penimster pro and find it almost impossible to use because my dick is cosntantly in a turtled, kind of rubbery state. Also when i exert a light pull in this state it doesnt even feel like the force is being put on the fibrous tissue but rather the portion of penis inside the body. Like a tow bar lol. I am worried that im not even stretching the tunica albuginea but rather the ligaments connecting the penis to the body.

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I started my traction with the PMP and as long as your exterior outer skin is not taught I assure you that you are pulling the interior portion of your penis. Try to use a warm damp washcloth for about 5 to 10 minutes to loosen your penis up and get the blood flowing. You will then be able to attach the device a little easier. Also which line are you pulling from --> You should aim for the 3rd position. Also this unit requires time invested.
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Lostand Looking24

The above comment by Mikel is excellent advice. Also for opening up and allowing the flaccid penis to stretch the restorex is excellent at this because of how much more tension it uses. After 15 minutes of restorex I can stretch my flaccid penis so much longer. But it is expensive especially if you already invested in the PMP.

Whatever you do make sure you stick to the traction from now now now. The best results from traction happen with men who start traction within the first 3 months which is where you are now.

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