Is This Early Peyronies Disease?

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Greetings fellow members..

TH here. Hopefully someone had experienced what I am experiencing and can give me some insight as to why at to expect. A couple months ago (late February) I felt a tiny lump on the right side of my penis up high a little below the head. I have frequent erections during the night I am happy to report for my 67 years of age. At the end of March I happened to take a good look at my erect penis and I could See and FEEL a dent!! .. The dent does NOT travel all the way around the shaft thankfully (yet?), and I have no pain at all, flaccid or erect. My urologist examined me and said for sure there is a small scar tissue spot there. He prescribed a compound cream Verapimil (160mg/GM) to apply twice a day. He does not think it is very serious at this point and said it "might not even progress"....but that sounded like an educated guess to me.

My question: Is this the beginning of a possibly worsening case of Peyronies Disease? Chances are you have seen this exact beginning before? What might I expect from here?
Thanks for your tan time and sorry about the long "question"..
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I don't know of anyone having any success with topical creams. Many urologists would recommend vitamin E in a transdermal form, but I have never heard of Xiaflex in a compound cream. And a dent would mean you have something going on in the Tunica tissue (Google it if you don't know) which is too deep for a topical compound to reach.

And unfortunately, there is no way to predict if this will get worse, or just stay the same.
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