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Hi folks,

Registered here a while back and thought that it might be nice to try and make some forward progress on this again.

I've added to my signature, which I know is brief. I'm not sure I'm up for writing out a lovely, formatted history to post to the history section for me to link to. Not just yet, anyway.

I discovered (realised?) my Peyronie's back around May 2017. Although I'm happily married, I wasn't sexually active around the time in question. Not enough to notice the exact moment things changed, at any rate.

As best as I'm able to figure out, the pivotal moment was when I was warming up the snatch movement with a barbell. During one of the pulls, the barbell did a PRANG into my junk. This was enough to almost make me drop the bar on the floor, and double over for a bit while I recovered. I'm sure I dropped some choice words here and there as well  ;D

I may have checked it in the washroom at the first opportunity, I don't recall. I kinda sorta remember seeing a bruise, but that might just be my brain trying to fill in the blanks. And I didn't notice any immediate problems in the bedroom, simply because being so busy had a way of making both me and my wife a bit wiped most evenings.

When I finally noticed something was off...? It was definitely one of those WTF moments. I was familiar with what Peyronie's was (past literature, etc), and thought I was in reasonably good health. And am not one to risk breaking the shaft from any vigourous sexual activity, of course. Just the thought of that makes me shudder.

Did some searching, which is when I first learned about Xiaflex. Met up with my family doc, who referred me to a urologist. I don't know that there's any point to sharing either of their names, but I can share a bit more about the experience.

My FM doc has been great all these years. Big fan. No complaints. Happy to get the referral.

Going to the urologist was... interesting. I know I'm older, but I don't look the part. I saw so many older people shuffling around... I felt like I was somehow misplaced. I guess this is the prize for making it through life this long  ;D

The urologist was decent enough. Definitely younger than me. From memory, he did an exam, and I think it was that same day that he gave me an injection to create an erection, so that he could measure how bad it was. It was weird, but at the same time he was completely professional, given the circumstances.

After taking measurements and notes, he said I could either go home, or hang out in the waiting room for the injection to wear off. He said it usually self-resolves, but if after a few hours it hadn't settled, to just come back in, no appointment needed.

I decided to go home, since I get to work from home. But a few hours later, no change. So I went back. Had to wait a bit, but saw him before long. All sorted. Having a raging boner was sort of a bittersweet moment; looked great, felt great, but the timing was bad. If you know what I mean.

I went back for my first Xiaflex injection. He described the exercises I would need to do to help remodel it. No problem, seemed straightforward.

But when I started doing the exercises, I discovered my left hand - mainly the base of my thumb - was in a bit of hurt of its own. Not arthritis, just... probably due to physical exercises. So I couldn't give it my all, not as much as I would have liked to. I repeated per the prescribed instructions, but it was likely a shadow of what I should have been doing.

When I went back for the follow-up, he asked how the exercises were going. When I told him, he seemed a bit crestfallen. Looking back, maybe I should have just wrapped my thumb in athletic tape and gone to town, I dunno. Even so, we did eventually progress to the second shot. It's been too long, I don't recall if there was a third shot, but there probably was.

The net/net of this is, I don't think there was much improvement. Not then, and not since then.

Here I am some 7 years later, and I'd like to give it another go. I've changed countries since the last time I went through this, so I'm starting a bit fresh in this regard. Did a bit of digging, it looks like there's a clinic in Auckland I can check out.

I think the impact of having Peyronie's is somewhat twofold: there's the physical performance, and then there's the mental aspect of it. Call it embarrassment, call it shame, call it just being self-conscious. My wife doesn't seem the least bit bothered by it, but it does limit some of the things we used to be able to do without my giving it a second thought.

So here's hoping.
63 (as of 2024/04/06)
discovered mid-2017
married since 2004
bend 45°-ish to the right
origin likely from barbell smash - snatch pulls
(Texas) fam doc -> urologist -> Xiaflex
hand pain made post-jab modeling difficult
now in NZ, want to retry


Welcome back Plakattak to the forum. Thank you filling out your signature line. I assume you have also read our survival guide -->Survival Guide.

The first thing you need to know is that the success of Xiaflex treatments are usually in the hands of the Dr not the patient. Yes you are a part of the recovery with remodeling somewhat. Dr Trost has an extremely great success rate with his own protocol that he developed and uses on his patients. You though are not in the USA .Have you ever considered trying out traction? I am not educated with the clinic in Auckland possibly other members can chime in on that. Also when you got your injury did it cause any pelvic pain issues? I actually fell on a square bench press frame in my groin that caused chronic CPPS for me.  I almost passed out from the pain.
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