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So through all of 2021 and 2022 I went through my Peyronies treatments. The initial meds my urologist recommended didn't do a thing, even after months on them. So next up was Dr. Tom Lue at UCSF. My ultrasounds showed some pretty major plaque build in numerous places. We did thirteen rounds of injections over an extended period of time. On the upside, it got rid of all the debilitating pain I was having anytime I got an erection. And by breaking apart all the plaque, it stabilized what at one point seemed like a rapidly deforming shaft. Erections not quite what they used to be but it's workable. The worst part was the now permanent loss of length - down from just over 7" to a tad over 5", on a good day. And damn does it look like a shell of its old self flaccid.

I tried the RestoreX religiously for months but it did not work for me. I kept holding onto it with the hopes maybe I'd try again and it'd work better one day in the future. But alas, at this point I'll remain grateful for the recovery in function and elimination of pain and plaque and the accept the rest.

So now it's for sale. No reason to keep holding onto it when it may actually bring some help to someone else.

Make me an offer. Whatever price we agree on, I'll add the cost of shipping service of your choice (USPS, UPS preferred, or FedEx). I'll take Venmo or PayPal prior to shipment. I'm willing to ship anywhere I can legally send it.

It's in perfect, like-new condition.  
43 y/o
Peyronies Disease diagnosis Dec 2020
Numerous plaques; curve up&left combnd. 30 deg.
7 mos of Pentox did nothing
Completed 10 Xiaflex injections w/ Dr. Lue, Feb 2022
RestoreX limited use
Curve almost entirely gone
Lost length 1-3/4" still trying to restore


Sorry to read it did not work for you. Nonetheless, I wish you good luck on the sale!


Hi wtrenton, I hope you are doing well. I have sent you a PM regarding the Restorex you have for sale.

Age 46, Diagnose with Peyronies Nov 2023 years of micro traumas during intercourse. Low to Mid ED. Lost 1" length, some girth below the gland, some hourglass. Upward curvature 5 to 50 degrees in less than a month. Taking 5mg Tadalafil, 300mg CoQ10.


Hi you still have the restorex are you on the USA?
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