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hello I have ran into this video saying he has been able to remove calcium deposits from unusual spots through out the body. maybe it's the same context for Peyronies 🤔,?

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar(withMothers)
Magnesium Citrate(StopsCalciumDeposits)
Chanca Piedra(Removes Kidney Stones)

post if you get any results please
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Interesting. I've just started Chanca Piedra and Magnesium (because Chanca Piedra is quite constipating). I'll add some Braggs apple cider vinegar to my daily program and hope for the best. Thanks. I've seen Chanca Piedra topical, but it's expensive.  
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I don't know if it works the same for peyronie's but you can also add Vitamin K2 MK7, it helps remove calcium deposits from the arteries and tissues.
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