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Is it possible for the plaque to be raised? I'm waiting for an ultrasound to confirm if it's plaque but I am very worried that it might be cancer. My father has Peyronies Disease so it's possible it's genetic. I'm in my later thirties and didn't expect it.

My plaque (self-measured) is around 2cm in width and 1cm in length. It sits directly under the glans of my penis on the upper side, and it goes slightly under too.

Upon feeling the lump, it feels like hard rubber. Each side feels almost sharp to the touch. It sits like my penis is wearing a wedding band, though the lump has changed shape and is now taking on a bit more of a circular shape. On one section of the lump it feels slightly raised instead of being flat like the rest of the lump and a small pieces moves, but; I have a mass of veins that sit directly on the lump which have become much more prominent so it's possible it's a small vein. I have indeed developed a bending of the penis, and it's now around 30 degrees upwards. Used to be straight. My glans seem to be curling backward. Before the curve and discovery of the lump, I noticed the shape of my glans changing shape, and that caused me to start checking for lumps.

My dad's plaque is in the exact same place. So it's possible it's peyronies. He showed me his ultrasound results, etc.

Just not really sure where I am at the moment. I'm watching my penis changing shape before my eyes at a rapid pace. And it's something very painful to the touch and feels like it's throbbing.

Thanks in advance for any replies  
October 2023
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Welcome 3cmlump to the forum. Thanks for filling out your signature line. Please download the survival guide if you have not -->Survival Guide .

Peyronies can run in families because of a genetic disposition called duptrenes contracture. I don't know if that is what you have or not.

You need to get into a Dr to be formally diagnosed. Tadalafil will help with inflammation and providing erection assistance. Looking into traction may help you with preventing any further shortening/decreases in size. VED therapy can also be helpful too. Research the forums protocol.

Plaques can be any shape or size and I'm sure no two of them are identical. They can decrease over time and even get larger with some men. Dealing with the mental issues is what is most challenging for some men. You should also take some preliminary measurements of your penis for future reference.

Get a formal diagnosis and get your game plan and work it. Don't assume anything until you get an ultrasound and actually know your situation. The mind can do a lot of damage to us also if left unchecked . You are here among a lot of caring men who can relate to what you are going through - we have all been there.  :)

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