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So I'm 25 and I have congenital curvature I'm pretty sure but worried about Peyronies and I have health anxiety regarding it.

So like when I was having sex with my girlfriend yesterday she was sort of pushing my penis down with her hand/bending it to putting it inside of her and it caused some discomfort but not like crazy pain but now I'm really worried that will cause Peyronies. I have therapy that's not helping and not sure what to do to stop obsessing about it.

So I'm thinking that if I do get it I'm not all f'~c<+d because I really don't want to quit sex. Seems like the idea of an implant seems good in worst case scenario but still worried about it.

I have issues with Erectile dysfunction and sometimes I only get semi erect.  
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Guys tend to obsess over their penis, and a guy with OCD often focuses a lot of their OCD on their penis.  Treating you OCD in general is the answer, and that is outside of the scope of this forum.  

While this might help a man who is thinking calmly and rationally, it is not likely to help a person with OCD until they treat the OCD BUT:

Peyronies Disease is not lurking waiting to jump on young men every time they bend their penis.  I was not very gentle with my penis for over 50 years and never got Peyronies Disease until I developed significant risk factors and triggering events. Men all over the world play rough sports, go into combat, have rough sex, and seldom get Peyronies Disease

Men with true Peyronies Disease very likely had a genetic predisposition for the condition and then experienced additional risk factors like (age, Erectile Dysfunction, diabetes, Dupetens Contracture).  Then, on top of the genetic predisposition and risk factors, they had a triggering event such as an injury or repetitive micro-injuries.

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