Severe water strike into the penile urethra [Explicit photos]

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Incredibly absurd but true.
I've been bathing with my left hand for 3 weeks because my right arm is broken.
The shower head in our house has a high flow rate and I normally bathe close to hot.
Anyway, I was putting the shower head on the floor to shampoo my head, bending down and the water went straight into my urethra. I literally felt it going all the way in and it hurt a lot.

For about 1 week, my penis ached and if I wait a long time to urinate (sitting) and do not wait to completely remove it, even 5 minutes after urinating, there is a feeling of urine remaining in the urethra.

This sometimes decreased and sometimes increased. Anyway, also during my morning erections (today is the 28th day of trauma), I still feel like the inside of my glans hurts a lot and the end part called meatus closes.

I talked to a doctor online and he said that the liquid coming out is not urine but something like precum and that it comes from my prostate. (Before this trauma, I had mild problems with my urethra and although I urinated sitting down, it could be slow flow etc.)

Today is the 29th day and I masturbated for the first time, the ejaculation went away for 4-5 seconds but then it started dripping downwards from the tip.

Now I sat at the computer and there was a continuous discharge coming from the tip (I think this precum is still coming) and it literally burned my glans and around my meatus.

Since this trauma before, my glans and urethra (right around the meatus) seemed to be burnt. I think this fluid is destroying it from the inside.

I had urine analysis, culture and STD tests done twice as a control, but it was completely empty.

I'm putting some pictures here, has anyone experienced such a situation? Could my urethral external sphincter muscle be impaired? Because it seems to be flowing uncontrollably, that is, after masturbation, liquid would normally come, but the liquid that came now officially flowed under the glans to the frenulum like water, I felt burning and I understood from there.

I know it's ridiculous, but I tried to explain it properly as best I could.

Will this situation pass over time - does anyone have any idea?

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