Why No Sex or Masturbation for 6 Weeks After Plication?

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I know that "sexual activity" is a no-no after plication surgery for 6 weeks (usually). but what I don't quite understand is why.

It certainly makes sense that you wouldn't want to risk tearing open the stitches at the incision point. And it makes sense that there would be pain and more swelling from too much friction and pushing, pulling and squeezing.

But is that the only reason? I mean, what if I have a wet dream? Does that do damage to the repair?

I'm asking not because I can go without sex for 1-2 months. But I'm getting a serious case of blue balls :-). I'm at the 4 week point after plication. And after ejaculating in some form at least once every two weeks (usually every week) my entire adult life, I'm a little backed up:-P.

I'd like to at least "gently" masturbate to release the buildup. But because I don't know
WHY "all sexual activity" (usually says "including masturbation") is forbidden - what you risk - I can't make an informed decision.

Does anyone have some more details on this than I do?

Age 59
Married/committed relationship
Approx Date of symptoms: Summer 2023
Type of Symptoms: 90-degree downward bend
Diagnosed: Oct 2023 by Dr. Librado Valadez in San Antonio, TX
Only treatment was the plication surgery I had (Dr. Valadez) Feb 2024


I would really be interested in an informed response to your question. All I get from my nurse postop after an implant is "no sex for at least eight weeks." I understand there are stitches to consider and wounds to heal, but how is a gentle stroking to ejaculation going to damage anything - for eight weeks? I was having sex daily up to the surgery.

I'm considering just edging gently unless I get a very good reason to avoid sex entirely. I've found that edging and stopping can satisfy my body for some time.  


The most logical explanation would probably be to allow for a full recovery. Your organ is recovering, surgery is a very complicated procedure. Just like I had nerve surgery on my elbow, I was told no lifting for a certain amount of time. When your body part is recovering it is not wise to aggravate it or put it under stress as it is already in a fragile state and in this state injuries have a higher percentage of happening.
30 years. Sudden rightwards curve detected in June 2020
narrowing on right side and about a 20° curve to the right.
Weakened erections and instability due to narrowing.


From my experience of being 4 weeks after surgery , for the first 2 weeks you wouldn't even vaguely want to you would be too swollen and too bruised. The stitches that were external take around 2 - 4 weeks to dissolve , I wouldn't really want to go yanking those up and down until they were 100% healed.
As for the internal ones, why risk it? if you damage those you will mostly likely need another op or make the scar tissue unstable again.
In my case my surgeon said 8 weeks due to the fact they had to do a little extra work.. which is what I am going by , will let you know in my post how it goes,.
18 months into this. Upward curve of around 70 to 80 degrees.  Have tried steroid cream to no effect. Injury caused by an accident and then resulting scar tissue. Noticeable ridge and shortening. . Had surgery Jan 2024