Are these reviews real?

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My impression from this board for people having Xiaflex shots were either improvement or nothing. But when i found these reviews its mostly negative and made things worse. Why such a different experience? I was gonna get shots done, waiting for insurance approval but those reviews honestly concerned me.
Symptoms started 6/23
90 degree to the upper left
Tried RestoreX and Manual traction


Howdy: the reviews of Xiaflex a probably real, however, they do not reflect the current state of care. Endo (drug manufacturer) did not recommend intense stretching and wrapping immediately after injection. Severe swelling and suboptimal curve correction resulted among early patients. That has changed. I don't want to sound like a sales person, however, Dr. Trost has developed a protocol of stretching and wrapping that minimizes side effects and maximizes results. He is quite blunt that his regimen is quasi-military, however, patients get out of it what they put in to it. Dr. Trost offers free 20-minute phone calls to discuss a patient's condition. If your finances permit, suggestion is made to have the phone consultation and be treated by Dr. Trost as he will secure optimal Xiaflex results. Dr. Trost got me from a 70-dgree curve to 20-degrees or less with one course of Xiaflex. It was not easy and it was not fun. Would I do it again? Oh heck yeah.
-Peyronies Disease onsite 11/2021
-Xiaflex inections by Dr. Trost 03/16/2023 & /03/17/2023 + aggressive RestoreX use
-Pre treatment curve 70 degrees, post-treatment curve estimated at 20 degrees by Dr Trost 04/11/2023
-Daily Restorex use to prevent recurrence