Sad experience with Kuehhas STAGE surgery - Frenulum loss

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Congenital curvature

Age - 27

Age at onset of Peyronies Disease / or I have had Peyronies Disease for X Years - Congenital curvature

Very First Symptoms - Teenage

My Peyronies Disease progression, Treatments (in order), Doctors, Psychological Stages, observable changes -

Not like I wished for.

Just after the surgery I was so happy a feeling that I never ever experience before it was so good to
know the confidence in my body for the first time. unfortunately it wasn't permanent...

In addition of the STAGE procedure I've undergo a testicular prosthetis replacement, and it is still invisible.

after the first removed of the dressing I saw that my frenulum wasn't here anymore, Of course I told to Kuehhas all of my disappointment.

It was absolutely awful for me to accept all that crap and all that he did is to say that everything is OK, for him the testicular implant is a good job and I  don't have to worry about frenulum loss because it is not the G spot of men.
his reaction about that make me so sad, he removed healthy body tissu that isn't possible to repare or make it regrowth and he act like it's absolutely nothing bad.

Sadly I wasn't the first one who he did this to, some member of the forum have the same experience, and I didn't saw them story on time.

Of course some worse things exist but you know, I just came their to become like other men, All I ever wanted is to have a straight penis not a penis without frenulum forever. I've never seen a penis like mine in my life without the frenulum it looks so weird as F~@< (I'm gay and I saw some penises not much because the weirdo bent like me does not make men attracted).

Where I am today, future plans -
All of that make me depressed as hell. maybe when I become more mentaly healthy or just stronger I'll make a testicular prostetis replacement for the third times with hope of having a result that is acceptable. My prothesis is invisible, it look like I do not paid 8800€ for it.
KUEHHAS STAGE on August 2023 - I lost my frenulum without knowing it would happen. Sadly this happened to some others member here, I'm depressed like never before now.,19985.msg165574.html#msg165574