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Hi there,

I came across this article just now. What do you think?

" In FIGHTING FIBROSIS (1 April), Professor Selim Cellek, a biomedical researcher at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), discusses new research including the discovery of a drug combination for Peyronie's disease (Peyronies Disease); a fibrotic condition that affects the penis and can cause penile curvature and erectile dysfunction. The Fibrosis Research Group at ARU have demonstrated that a combination of two drugs – an active ingredient of Viagra and selective oestrogen receptor modulators – were able to prevent fibrosis in Peyronies Disease. In a recent clinical study, this new combination has been shown to slow or halt the progression of fibrosis in men with early Peyronies Disease."
27 y. o. Peyronies since 2020: very mild S curvature with the top part tilting to the left - 10*. Extensive scarring everywhere, wasting, hourglassing, lumps. Progressive Peyronies Disease, never stabilised. Somewhat acceptable EQ.


I just read  it and it said Vardenafil + Tamoxifen. So essentialy it's nothing new.
30 years. Sudden rightwards curve detected in June 2020
Narrowing on right side and about a 20° curve to the right.
ED + instability due to narrowing.