Upwards curve Need Help with Restorex

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I've purchased a restorex device.I don't know how to measure the curve (so if anyone can link that, that would be great) since it goes up and to the left. I had an accident in 7th grade breaking my morning wood falling off the bed and being too scared to tell my parents. My bend is mainly at the base. And goes up and to the left.my girl only feels it in doggy style but nothing facing me. She's only ever felt my base when she faces me during sex, I curl upwards pretty good.. Ever since I've been pumping plus gainswave she feels me more regular missionary and cowgirl style. The gainswave treatments so far have made it come down some, but I wanna fix this issue for good. Should I angle the device opposite going down the right or do down 15 mins and right for 15 mins?

Please this form is hard to find things. How do I measure the curve ect?

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