VED risk vs. reward?

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Hi, I posted a few months ago on here for the first time about my unusual case that included corporal fibrosis and hard flaccid, and unfortunately my symptoms (especially girth loss) have gotten progressively worse. One of the new symptoms I have is even with Cialis and L-citrulline, the penis doesn't fill up all the way. It's like something is stopping it from getting a full erection.

So I wanted to ask what people thought about the idea of trying a VED, even though I've had bad experiences with them in the past. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, because I wasn't overpumping or going fast, but I always seem to aggravate things.

I've had urologists mention the idea of a pump to potentially help stop the progression of girth loss, but I've also seen throughout the internet, including urologists' websites, that even mild pumping can cause or exacerbate Peyronie's.

Forgive me if this was mentioned in a previous post, but is there a subset of patients where maybe a VED isn't appropriate? Maybe a previous injury at the base or an issue with the veins or something I'm not thinking of that could cause fibrosis or scarring to get worse, even with a medical grade pump and following the directions properly?

I'm leaning towards getting a new pump and trying again, just because I'm desperate to address my symptoms. But I'm also desperate not to make things worse.

Thanks for your time
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I would say that you should give VED another try. Are you using the protocols laid out here on the forum? Also which VED devices are you using and do you have the different size cylinders? I know for myself that using a VED has restored my lost girth. It doesn't do much for length but I can say that it has helped me with erections being more full and hard. All you can do is give it another try. Are you currently under the care of a Dr?
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