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A friend of mine noticed a bump on my leg and casually mentioned using castor oil.  I hadn't done anything about it but recently am noticing a curvature in my erect penis. In researching it I found out about this disease.  Wondering if anyone else has thought of using topical castor oil for its penetrating and anti inflammation properties??  zif you hsve experieced results please let me know... dm or reply... Thank you
I don't see any downside to giving it s try.... so thats what I'm doing.
Wish me luck!👍
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Hey Jeff,

From what I have read on the board through the years... Members have not benefited from using castor oil. Maybe some placebo effect, if that.  


Castor oil has been tried by hundreds of men and dozens on this forum with no results.  It does not penetrate deep into the tissue.  The massage might do some slight good.

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