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Anyone here because of cock rings?   Over the top boudoir time and wearing it too long has left me with a dent and a small curve.  It's early days, wax wondering if anyone else is herd for similar reasons  
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No, but I have heard many stories yes, sadly. Even Dr. Landon Trost one of the leading Peyronies specialists in the world has mentioned it in his own section on this forum that rings have caused damage to men in his clinic. I assume it is because the pressure it causes around the penis over time leads to narrowing/scarring.
30 years. Sudden rightwards curve detected in June 2020
Narrowing on right side and about a 20° curve to the right.
ED + instability due to narrowing.


These are definitely trouble. I used to do jelqing and erect bending and had the "brilliant" idea to add one of those babies to the mix to make my erect bends even more powerful, so I'd grow more. Guess how that ended?
PE injury after some aggressive bending
Developed P.D. (30-35 degree downward curvature)
Hourglass shaped erections
Weaker glans
One big vein on top suddenly visible
Several months of hell and pain
Tried a few things, some helped with the pain.