What are my reconstruction options?

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Pic Link below when I requested implant in 2017/18 flaccid vs flaccid now. Too late for an implant and doctors sending me to U of M for reconstruction surgery.

What are my options. Researching it seems like phalloplasty which is transexual surgery, something I won't do, not having a a fake penis, and a penectomy.

I told my urologist to approve an implant in 2018 and they didn't listen, now they waited too long.

Just want to confirm my lack of options before going through with physician assisted suicide in Belgium.

If there's honestly no way of restoring my normal flaccid penis, it is truly the end of my life. I'm also getting worse every month. Finally ran out of time.


Any advice would be appreciated. As I keep losing tissue, these past couple of months I've been losing the rest faster. April 2023 I was still over 4in flaccid, now less than an inch. Doing the math what I have left will be gone by the end next month.

At this point and seems ending my life is the only option.  
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Length erect. 6.2in
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Your flaccid penis doesn't appear abnormal to me in appearance.

I don't say this to belittle your problem, it clearly is important to you and I respect how you feel.

Why do you put so much importantance on the flaccid? Can you maintain an errection? If your >6in then that's pretty decent size.

Please don't do anything silly because of this. I don't know you, but I care about you because I also have negative feelings and sometimes just want the pain to go away. I haven't found the answer but deep down there is the hope that such feelings  won't last forever and we can come to terms with what has happened.
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