Pain increases after ejaculation.

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Hey, brothers! I hope you all are doing well.

I have had penile fibrosis for a long time and I have narrowing on the base and middle of my shaft...

Whenever I ejaculate I get instant pain on the base of my penis, I believe it has something to do with contracting my pelvic muscles.

Have you faced anything like that? Any suggestions on what I can do?
26 year old.

Had multiple penile fractures.

Tried Verapamil injections, Pentoxifylline, Tadalafil, Vitamin E, heat therapy, Castor oil, L-Citrulline, Shilajit, Shatavari, Gotu Kola, Velvet beans.

Lost more than 6 inches.


Could be prostate related? Maybe pelvic muscles too. Base of your penis is where the IC musles are also located. The muscles responsible for holding the erection and keeping your penis stable. Might be that they are injured. It is extremely difficult to pin point what it could be, believe me, been there done that, with multiple different urologists.
30 years. Sudden rightwards curve detected in June 2020
narrowing on right side and about a 20° curve to the right.
Weakened erections and instability due to narrowing.


I have had similar issues with pain that I thought was from my prostate. After PSA lab test and examination my prostate was normal size and fine. Dr said tight pelvic floor muscles. I had overdone the kegel exercises so I started a gentle strengthening/stretching program to address the issue. I am stable now but must be careful about things getting to tight down there. I have incorporated pelvic stretches/therapy into my weekly exercise program.
Lump 4/2020, age 62 , Dr Levine 6-26-20, Dors Curve 11/2020, Peyronies
Vit E400mg, COQ10, Heat Therapy, Penimaster, Pentox, Cialis, Restorex
SNHL 7/2020 - Stopped all Meds because ototoxicity  Heat/traction/VED are working. CPPS Diagnosis - Stable :)


I have that, or at least something similar. I stupidly damaged the base of my penis with forceful erect bends, so now the left side can be described as "loose" and I experience chronic pain in the area after ejaculation. I think the contractions may be aggravating the condition.
PE injury after some aggressive bending
Developed P.D. (30-35 degree downward curvature)
Hourglass shaped erections
Weaker glans
One big vein on top suddenly visible
Several months of hell and pain
Tried a few things, some helped with the pain.


Hello everyone,

From what you describe, I am rather confident that you could contribute from ESWT treatment.

I have had weird painful sensations for 20 years - in particular after activity and I have recently gone trough ESWT treatment, which has reduced pain significantly and I am currently assessing other positive developments.

Keep on fighting!