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Hi Everyone,

Haven't been here in a while. This site is both informative and anxiety inducing so I have to keep my distance. I have seen a few people mention this, but has anyone experienced their skin on their penis inexplicably thicken? I am not sure how to describe it but the skin lost some of its elasticity. Anyone get an answer for this or have had a urologist acknowledge it?

As an update, I am seeing Dr. Werner at Maze labs in NYC. They describe a 20 degree curve and serve pelvic floor dysfunction. However, I still don't have any answers for what I have been experiencing with my penis.  
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i have elasticity problem too
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I haven't heard of the thickening of skin. You might want to try using some moisturizing cream on your penis/scrotum area. I use Gold Bond radiance renewal cream and it really provides moisture and elasticity. As far as the pelvic disorder I have been living with this since I fell on a steel beam and broke my tailbone. You need to adopt a stretching and strengthening program. There are a couple on YouTube that will give you a lot of relief.
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