Have I done this to myself?

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Hello, lurked for a while, and tried to put this to the back of my mind, but it's not getting better....

So about a year ago, I first became aware of a curve in my penis. My partner, with whom I had previously had an off-and-on relationship, pointed it out to me after more than 2 years apart. Until she mentioned it, I had no idea, so based on my understanding of Peyroines and the stories I've read about other members, that seems unlikely. I also went to see a peyronies specialist, and while I didn't have a scan, he did a thorough check of my shaft (hurt for like a week, to be honest), and he said he was confident there was no plaque or any of the other telltale signs of peyroines.

Now I did ask him if there was anything I could have done to cause this, he said injuries can cause it, but I'd remember it. He seemed to dismiss the idea that I could have done this to myself. During the lockdown,  and while I was single, all I really had was masturbation, and I developed a bad habit of edging while I had my underwear on before I then whipped it out to finish. I am now thinking my technique has caused or contributed to this, but again, he said not likely.

I asked about traction, he said it's not worth (the admittedly small) chance of causing injury as I have a curve that is generally considered well within the normal range (I measured it to approx 15-20 degrees upwards, no curve to the side at all and no bends, dents or whatever else). But I have to think that if traction can improve a curve, then surely it can cause one too? I've of course stopped doing it, and I'm with my new girlfriend, so there's no need to, but essentially, for the last year since I noticed this, I've had Erectile Dysfunction problems. I can't remember the last time I got a full hard erection (the best I can manage is approx 80% and before my full erection was 6 inches and now I am maxed at about 5), I presume it's psychological, as I had no problem up until the day of the issue being pointed out to me.....  I also noticed when I am flaccid my penis sticks out more, it's straight when flaccid but it's defo laying further out than it used to. It does not appear to of got worse in the last year.

I was just wondering if anyone has had similar issues or any further advice or recommendations.

I'm 33, never had any issues before, did have a hydrocele repair done on my testicle when I was 15 but never any problems up until about a year ago as detailed above.

Edit: I should point out I did not have a curve at all as I grew up and into my 20s, it appears this has materialised in the last few years.

Many thanks!
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Hey Litmus. Welcome aboard!

Unless you were bending your penis like crazy or you heard some sort of a pop I don't think you would have caused this.

Traction is super safe and you can try to get your hands on a restorex traction device if you can. But your doctor is right that your curvature is fine for penetration.

As for the erections.. Get yourself on daily cialis (provided you don't have any indications against it). Also, be careful with sex if you have it.