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I like edging for hours. Is it good or bad? I would think considering healthy blood flow is needed to go there often, it might be good. What is the wisdom over here?


Are you in pain while doing it? If so then it is never good. Always best to avoid pain with this disease. Do you do it rough or gentle? If you do it gentle so that there is no bending or anything else that can create trauma then there is no harm to it although I will say, edging for hours... How do you even have the energy to jerk it that long man?

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29 years. Started to develop a rightwards curve in June 2020.
narrowing on right side and about a 20-25° curve to the right.
Weakened erections and instability due to narrowing.


No pain of course and not rough as well. Just play, tease , jerk little bit, cool off etc.


Honestly, i think edging for hours at a time can cause peyronies.  For the same reason Erectile Dysfunction drugs say to see a doctor if its been morn than 4 hours.  I've noticed every time i've edged my plaque gets a little worse.