Has anyone got posts/photos of VED making their penis worse?

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In short, I'm not sure whether the VED has made my D considerably worse.

Something has but F knows what. VED is the thing I've been most consistent with along this journey so I feel like it's this.

I'm trying to seek posts that have ruined their penis by VED so I can see if it seems similar to me, can't find much along with photos though. Even on google.

I'm desperate for an implant at this point as I don't want to lose any more length and become below average. If I could just leave my penis and not touch it until an implant I would be happy but it's like we have to try out things to remedy it in the mean time.

Awaiting consultation with Ralph and will discuss with him but yeah incase anyone knows any posts thought I'd ask.

Can't wait till I can just get a bionic dick and move on with life.
29 y/o diagnosed 13 Jun 22.

went from a slight 30dg bend at glans to whole thing being deformed/loss of length over a year.

trying to find a way out of this all


Injury diagnosis April 2023; first symptoms pain, slug penis, new upward curve and indent dorsal base of head an two indents on right side.
Did Pentox 2x 400mg for 3 months. Now only tadalafil