How long does Xiaflex stay where it's injected?

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I've read different things about stretching after Xiaflex injections, from 3 weeks to 6 weeks, and it makes me wonder how long can Xiaflex remain where it's injected? It seems odd that it wouldn't migrate or be absorbed or filter out after a while. Does anyone know how it works?

(The mass inside my penis virtually disappeared after my first round, so I've been curious how it works.)
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I am not a doctor and can not provide medical advice. From conversations with qualified medical experts, Xiaflex does not migrate from the injection site(s). Rather, it remains active for only a short period of time after injection, 1-3 days which is when RestoreX provides maximum benefit. Afer 5 days or so the enzyme has dissipated.

Ad nauseum, I cranked the RestoreX to the max only 8 hours or so after the second set of injections and saw length and counterbending gains that were unthinkable pre-injection. I was able to go from 70 degrees of dorsal curvature to +-20 degrees with only one set of injections. This is my situation only and everyone else may expect a different result.  
-Peyronies Disease onsite 11/2021
-Xiaflex inections by Dr. Trost 03/16/2023 & /03/17/2023 + aggressive RestoreX use
-Pre treatment curve 70 degrees, post-treatment curve estimated at 20 degrees by Dr Trost 04/11/2023
-Daily Restorex use to prevent recurrence


OK thanks! My second round is next week. Hoping it will go as well as the first.
56 in Michigan