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Hi everyone! I am looking for advice. I am 23 years old, and I have congenital penile curvature (around 30 degrees left). I have really bad body dysmorphia because of that.

I have mild pain after having sex and I feel like I have a problem keeping an erection (not sure if it's because of curvature or phycological, I am also very insecure about my size). I have been thinking about surgery, but I am scared about losing length and other possible consequences. My penis is only 15cm and pretty thin.

Even if I decide to do surgery, I don't know where to do it. I read about different surgeons like Dr. Kuehhas and Dr. Gelman, but they all have both positive and negative reviews. I've read many comments saying that people got ED after surgery, and it scares me. At the same time, with the quality of sex, I have right now, I think maybe it's worth the risk.

Please let me know if anyone is/was in a similar situation. Any advice is appreciated.
23 y.o, 45-degree left congenital curvature


a 30 degree curve is considered mild, and 15 cm isn't small. No need to compare yourself to a porn star.
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Thank you for your reply. After taking measurements, it turns out the curve is actually 45 degrees. Also, it is 15 cm on the long side and 13 on the short side.

I am trying to find the right surgeon. I am overwhelmed by all the different surgery techniques. Some doctors say it's better to use absorbable sutures, while others suggest using non-absorbable to decrease the chances of recurrence.

I am currently leaning towards doing a modified Nesbit with small excisions of the outer layer of tunica and using non-absorbable sutures with knots hidden inside the tunica. My only concern is non-absorbable sutures as I am afraid they will be uncomfortable. I do not care if they are visible or not; I just don't want to have any pain because of them. Does anyone have any experience with non-absorbable sutures? I have tried to look on the forum but didn't find much.
23 y.o, 45-degree left congenital curvature


Hey mate, had a Nesbit procedure with absorbable sutures. Can't comment on non absorbable. Also had a 45 degree left curve. To be honest I done very little research before my op and went to a local surgeon. I knew he had a lot of experience and that was enough for me rather than travelling to another country. My curve is down to about 10 degrees. Mines leans/points left as well which annoys me more than the curve tbh. So hard to get info because it's such a niche condition and people don't talk about it. My advice would just be to go for it if it's making you really unhappy as it was me. Chances of really bad complications such as impotence I imagine are really low providing experience surgeon and I've lost no sensation and minimal length which is good. In terms of procedure/techniques are best I have no idea either.
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Your erectile disfunction is most likely psychological. The curvature itself shouldn't cause that. But that doesn't mean that surgery wouldn't be a good option for you. If it's actually 45°, I would recommend surgery. (I had the same exact curvature to the left and got surgery at 24 by Dr. Kuehhas.) I am no expert, but I think Erectile Dysfunction caused by surgery is very unlikely if the surgeon is experienced and you've never had surgery before.

However, if your problem is mainly with length, then don't do the surgery. For me it was clear that I would want to sacrifice ~2cm for a straight penis.  

Ah, and I can only comment on absorbable sutures. They are great, because a year after the surgery there's literally no way to tell that I ever had surgery and wasn't just born with a straight penis. However, I don't think non-absorbable sutures would be impairing your future sex life or feeling either. I wouldn't worry about that aspect.  
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