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Just a note that I have been off the forum a lot for the past month.

I was out of state and as soon as I met up with family, I had a kidney stone attack and ended up in the Emergency Room.  It has been a long hassle, but I have been down this road before.  I have been knocked out with anesthesia twice in 7 days and I still have the stone in my left ureter.  I did place a stent so it is generally not painful.

Hopefully, I will catch up but there are a LOT of posts to read.

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Welcome back, Hawk. Sorry about the stone. Can't imagine the pain.  :-\
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Hope you're feeling better!  
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Hope alls getting better with the stone Hawk.  
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trying to find a way out of this all


Prayers for you Hawk.

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I'm sorry to hear that Hawk, hopefully you're better now. I have the same problem so can understand the frustration. Courage  
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Welcome back, Hawk, and all best wishes for a continuing smooth recovery.

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How is everything now?  Are you feeling any better?

Sorry to hear you went through this
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Welcome back and wishing you the best while you deal with this painful situation!
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