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Hi There,

I became aware of Peyronies Disease in Oct 2020.
I saw a specialist in April 2021 (I wasn't referred until Feb 2021)
I'm now in the Chronic stage.
I have a 45degree bend to the right as well as a downward dip.
I have scarring at the right hand side base of shaft and also hour glass pinching.
I tried VED and Traction with Penimaster Pro during the acute stage (adhoc basis; I couldn't do this continuously due to work).
My specialist advised against surgery due to the hour glass pinching; he felt it might risk Erectile Dysfunction.
I want to know if it's worth buying RestoreX and trying traction with this?
Is there any other method or treatment that might help me reduce the curvature?
Age 56. First noticed Peyronies Disease Oct 20.
Referred to specialist Feb21; first appointment April 21. Have mid-shaft hour glass pinching. Have pronounced bend to right plus downwards.
Currently using VED. No medication as not prescribed by urologist

Mr man

Why not give vacuum therapy a go? I bought a cheap electric cylinder from AliExpress. Seems to be doing good.
Latest routine. Started l-lysine 3mg daily, l-proline 5mg daily. Increased vit c intake. Accompanied with almost daily vacuum therapy. Pumping to 100% Exercise caution! Made good progress. L arginine supplements and prescribed potaba are helping.


Restorex is definitely worth a try. Applies way more force than penimaster pro. Vacuum worked awesome for user ''Monty''. Try having a look at his post history. Plenty of photos! But it requires lots of consistency.