Massive Improvement after 1 X Cycle with Trost (after 10 Cycles with others)

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Hi all - I just wanted to post a testimonial in this group, I've lurked around for years.  I first had realized I had peyronies in 2015, went to a urologist who told me of a vitamin regimen - this did nothing.  There was just pain one day but a big upper right sharp angle which just happened out of the blue one day.

This really affected my self esteem - but it wasn't until 2018 that I decided to do xiaflex, I did four cycles (eight days of shots) over a period with one doctor in California with ZERO results.

Then in 2020 - I went to another doctor in CA who got some good mentions on this board, we did five cycles (ten days of shots) the improvement was very minimal - BUT the sharp angle did become a curve, so that was nice.

Then just this year I decided to try Dr. Trost, went up there and after A SINGLE CYCLE (two consecutive days) and work with the Restorex my angle went from over 45 degrees to almost 20! I really forgot that I had it - and my self esteem is so much better.

Anyway - just wanted to throw that out there for anybody who's gone through cycles and cycles of xiaflex with little to no results - give Trost a try!