Hello! Original Peyronies plaque mid shaft developing fibrosis toward base

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About 3 years ago started to develop plaque mid shaft, increased erect angle to 45 degrees.
Saw consultant urologist last year who was really helpful and considerate, and offered Lue or Nesbit surgery.  Discussed conservative treatment, so used a SOMA Correct pump to some good effect for last 18mths (but has broken out of guarantee and was £267.00 - Ain't that the way! Any recommendations for better quality devices appreciated).

Thought that I'd reached a stable point in the disease, but in last few months some fibrosis of tissues further down the shaft of penis to right, impacting erection and increase in angle with further loss of length and girth.  (would be interested to know if any of you guys have experienced similar development couple of years after initial plaque and how you've managed this..)
Am due consultant review July - should I bring forward - don't want to end up losing more erectile possibilities/tissue impact to this condition..

Previously was going to manage conservatively with pump etc (last phone review consultant suggested using a
stretching  device  which haven't started with because seemed might interfere with active life)...anyone with experience about this would be interested in hearing how this worked for you.

Now seriously considering Lue procedure  (lower success rate than Nesbit... to maintain length).. but concerned about these changes in tissues going toward base of shaft..  Am 59 but was hoping to continue having a fulfilling sex life am currently single, and confidence about dating while is a physical issue, feels fairly significant...and doubting more about future sexual relationships..Be great to hear experiences how you've broached with potential new partner...
Best wishes, and Thanks for reading!
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Hello and welcome aboard! Please fill your signature to shortly describe your condition, so members can help you better. You can find it in the settings of your profile.
As for the disease progression happening again, it happens to some members unfortunately. It's like you have to keep monitoring it as you go along with life.

You have to be proactive as the wait and see approach never does anybody any good. Please have a look at what one for the leading experts in the field has compiled about what works and doesn't. Evidence based.


Traction therapy combined with vaccuum has been shown to give lot's of members great improvement and reduction of curvature. Can you get a restorex traction device? https://www.restorex.com/

There are some parcel forwarding services that may allow you to bring it to the UK.



Thanks for your response.

As I don't want to take medications, based on progression to chronic disease with erectile function using  algorithm at the link - RestoreX would be the main recommendation while waiting to discuss surgery further.  Though I do have some reservation with regards to the Restorex being recommended by the creator  - albeit openly, and somewhat pricey for what it is.

But very much appreciate you taking the time to share, as the disease seems sadly shrouded, largely because of secret shame, and think this site really has the potential to lessen the impact of that.  So thank you Pfract!
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