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I've always had a curve so probably not Peyronies?  I've tried to feel for plaque but can't tell anything. measure the curve around 23 degrees.

Ive come here to research if a traction device can help as it's a cause of anxiety.v. Is this classed as mild curve?

I am not keen on surgery.
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You say that you have always had a downward curve and can't feel any plaques. Do you have pain? Has the shape of your penis changed at all recently and are your erections normal? If anything has changed then I would suggest you go and see a urologist. In my opinion though it appears like you just have a normal congenital curve and can function normally sexually. Traction will probably not help you to straighten it and I would never recommend surgery in your case. Pain is a red flag when it comes to our penises and should be investigated. Search the forum for congenital curvature and you can read other members posts and photos to show you just how different ach one can be.

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