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Does anyone have a book that has helped them cope with the psychological component of Peyronie's disease and stay  positively motivated?

It does not have to be Peyronie's specific, as long as it helps you see things from a different perspective and gives you the strength to continue fighting.
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Well stoic philosophy could help. Another guy from this forum advised Gary Joe Bishop which is based on stoic Philosophy: it's not the circumstances which define you, but the way you deal with them.

In general it is advised here not to withdraw from life but stay involved in to it, including meeting girls etc.

Hope this helps a bit.  
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I can highly recommend the book ,"Zebras Don't Get Ulcers." It helps with understanding and dealing with stress. It is a long read but well worth it.
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Not a specific book, but I can tell you that the skills taught in this course WORK!!!!  They are a needed skill for life regardless of your specific challenges.  and the course is free.,13846.0.html
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