Injections vs Surgery

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I am at the stage of acceptance and now realizing that I can't beat this thing with oral medication and hopeful rubs.  I have lost 2 inches and have a marble sized lump at the base with a increasing bend upward at the base.  My question is:  Can we assume based on averages that injections get a portion of length back and lessen the curve?

I am tired of reading reviews hoping to find the Golden ticket..  I need the dick I was proud of back.

Please advise
54 male, Peyronies onset Nov 2021, Loss of 2 in+ , painful buildup at base


I'm in the same condition as you... today I understood that all therapies are effective on the basis of the subject, I can sort of recognize which ones to carry out before the plaque becomes calcified and which ones to use after... afterwards, I understand that goes by force, as Dr. Frost seems to be doing lately immediately after xiapex, pulling until it breaks.
Surgery is a last resort, when nothing has worked, when you want to put an end to it and keep what you have at the moment but straight.

sorry for the translation
41 anni(2023), diabetico
-Diagnosi peyronie nel 01/2022
-curva 80°
-1 xiapex 09/2022, nessun risultato
-integrazione vit.E, omega 3, Vit.D, q10.
-dieta e stop alcol
-04/2023 stop xiapex e inizio cura multimodale

John Michael

I had 2 injections and they were so painful I couldn't go on - he didn't use any anesthesia and I'm not sure that's the right procedure, and he's also the a$$hole who scammed me out of $3000 for "Gainswave" treatments that turned out to be a scam. I've gone back to the initial Dr. who said that placation works but that's going to leave me with an about a 3" erection and that's if I can gather the courage to let someone cut into my dick.  I'm so frustrated.  
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I would ride injections if they work well for you I found success with an injection/pill combo for quite awhile probably would have continued working if I didn't encounter an injury. If that fails IPP surgery is a good option just make sure you choose a good surgeon.  
33 years old, symptoms started early 20's but never really bothered me until the last two years
Trimix worked well but caused more scarring. 
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