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I recently completed the 26 week regimen of the VED, and I wanted to share my results.  I was diagnosed with Peyronies in May of 2010.  I tried Verapamil injection, and that made my condition worse.  I have a hinge effect about 2/3 of the way up my shaft.  Dr. Levine suggested using traction, but I decided it was too time consuming.  So I went the VED route.  I started out at 10 cycles at 10 second hold times.  I eventually worked my way up to 20 cycles at 20 second hold times, and then back down to 15 cycles for 20 second hold times because I introduced traction.  At first, it helped by giving me back my morning erections.  I have not noticed a visible improvement in curvature or the hinge effect.  That's not to say it won't work for others on curvature.  I don't think it is an effective treatment if you have the hinge effect or hour glassing.  Maybe it would be worth picking up again at some point.

Traction was started about 4 months into the VED usage.  So far traction seems to be helping.  I barely have the turtle effect anymore.  The hinge effect is still there when less than fully erect.  This morning I had a great erection, and the hinge effect was barely there, but it has not improved the wasting or hour glassing.  I feel some hope with this.  I've been averaging 4 hours a day with 2 hours during the day and 2 hours at night while I sleep (I set a timer for 2 hours).  Some days I only get 2 hours and every now and again 6.  I'll post an update in the traction section when I complete my 26 week protocol.  


Brother my hinge damage is less I contribute this directly to the use of traction.Girth is better Thea hinge is way less and.the waisting is looking much better.I'm going to start using the ved again I'm hopes that it makes a difference I'm my Peyronie's.

This disease sucks any break is better than none.



I got my Peyronies Disease rather in a sudden about 2½ yrs ago. I suffered from Depuytren's contraction earlier, operated with great success eight years ago. To correct Peyronies with similar good operation results may, as I have read here and elsewhere, not be so easy. My Peyronies Disease developed into an upward midshaft abt 45 degrees curve. As I see it, Nesbitt's operation was no alternative for me, as my male member was (and has always been) "on the smallish side", that is 4½-5 inches erect. No woman complained through the years, but nobody made an applause to it either. With the new midway upward bend and contraction, it was difficult to have penetrating sex.

So I surfed the Internet and found this site. A lot of reading, discussions and recommendations, all straight forward and written by guys like me, who had Peyronies Disease and tried to find a way out from it. At last I decided to try the 3-cylinder VED therapy, as described here. Finding the right equipment was not easy, but I found a med quality very wide graded VED with a good pump and (some days later) a smaller no brand VED with a soft nob covered inner sleeve, that could be turned inside out, all fitting perfectly in the "master" cylinder even vacuum-wise. This contraption could serve as a 3-cyl VED, I thought, removing the sleeve as a first step and the inner cylinder next, mimicing the proposed VED with its inserts.

This contraption has worked very well now for almost 3 months. Observations are that my dick has grown longer and maybe a bit wider. It is all straight, rather wide and elongated, when just coming out of the tube after the daily exercise, but still curved when I get arouse, which now happens as fast as in my youth. This seems to involve some improvement in blood vessels and hardening blood supply.

Tthere has been some essential improvements during time. Last week (during a good night cuddle) my wife spontaneously said that my little fellow seemed to be rather straight. Good news. We took it for a test drive, with quite satisfactory results. Not quite as in the old days, but what to expect, when turning 70?

If, like in my case, the penis elongation and straightening, as a result from daily VED exercise, may lead to penetrating sexual intercourse, enjoyable for both participants, why not go on with it. I look forward to three more months and a lot of sex to go on the way...


Great post Palle!!!

Keep up with your VED treatments and keep us informed. Hope you see continued improvement.
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   I am so glad to read your good news post, Palle. Years ago I too made do with put-together VED's of 3 sizes that worked for me very well, and resulted in a 45 degree curve going down to less than 10 degrees. Let us know how you're doing and any more thoughts you might have on VED use for Peyronies Disease.  


has anything helped people with dents in the penis?

I have been doing traction sporadically.  I have not tried VED.


I had quite bad hinging and slight hourglassing (in that it was noticable but not really a big issue for me). The hinging was a worry for me because I feared it could cause further damage at some point. Both the hinging and hour glassing have completely gone now. I don't really put it down to one thing, though pentox has been the constant. I have sporadically used traction and VED, but have never been able to consistently stick with it for a long stretch due to slight injuries etc. I think everything contributed to where I'm at now. My natural hang is better now. Looking back the turtling used to be quite extreme. I do manual stretches too. Nothing fancy, just gently stretching the penis. I see it as a quick and easy traction method, where the time is not available. The curvature itself is reduced, and has inproved, though to to the extent of the other aspects, so i'm not in a position where I'm 100% happy with it. My situation generally is quite positive though, and without this forum and the treatment options it alerted me too it likely wouldn't be.



I too have seen good changes amd can not lay one finger to what has made these changes. I too have not been constant with the ved or traction lately.But all of this seems to be doing some good changes.My hinge is gone only slight indention.Have been of the puc cocktail not latley but made a new order of pentox, ubiquinol, and cialis.Also I need to start taking my vitamin d again.Definately do not hang as well without them.

I am positively sure that this forum has made a great difference in my changes.I'm not completely happy with the appearance either. But I am better off than I was a year ago.



hi guys,

don't know if anyone remembers me... i wasn't online here for quite a while.
i don't have any improvements so far with my one cylinder therapy. maybe i am holding the pressure for to long and should follow the routine advice again. however i expendet pressure time after months of no results with the 20-30 seconds holding time.
i have to be very gently due to my hernia issues but that is going to prevent me from overpumping at least.

right now, i would like to buy another smaller ved zylinder to get some more stretch on my penis. maybe it could break or stretch or whatever my pretty big hard plaque that i can feel inside the downside of my penis. it really frustrates me that i can't get rid of it.

my question is if i buy the medium size soma erect zylinder it has almost the exact inner circumference as my limp penis.
is that really the proper size to go with? isn't it to tight?

i am very thankful for your advices in advance!

great that you made some improvement! i know you are struggeling like me and its a heavy burden for you...

now have a nice and sunny sunday all :) its nice to be back here, knowing that i am not alone.



The whole idea behind the 20-30 second hold time is do it in three steps.
During the three steps do not break the seal. If you hold 20-seconds release the pressure about the same time.

In the first step (5 minutes) the idea is to get the blood flowing to your penis. That is the reason that you only aim for a 80% erection.

The second step, another 5 minutes,  is to get from 80% erect to 100% erect slowly.

The third step, another 5 minutes, is hold your erection at 100% each hold time.

Total time is approximately 15 minutes. No you do not need a stop watch approximate times are OK just so long as you go for about 15 minutes. Once a day is fine but if you have the time twice a day is better.

You need dedication because this takes weeks to see results. With the long hold times some advise your are more likely to cause a bruise, like I did.

As for a smaller cylinder, I don't know. Old Man would be the best source of advice on that.

It works but slowly. Highly recommended for a couple of months for those of us with peyronies and ED that are going to have and implant or implant with modeling. This will help prevent loss of penile length and girth.



To young listeners or members

This is the information you need to open a ear to.Jackp is not into yard sale business. He is not hear to sell junk.He is well educated In ed and Peyronie's.



thanks for your information, jackp.
i still have big problems getting an erection inside the ved... my penis feels hard and stiff but in fact it is limp, my seal is great! must be some issue with the tissue that is also causing the shrinkage effect. i am tired of the urologists, nobody seems to be able to help.

i'll ask oldman for the tube size.





I have been very precise with the number of pumps I use with my 3 cylinder VED.  I pump it slowly 3 times and hold for a few seconds and do it over and over for 15 minutes or so.  Earlier this week, I tried pumping it slowly 4 times instead of 3, trying to get a little more stretch.  I ended up with a bunch of red dots on my glans (from broken blood vessels).

So, I learned a good leasson; don't over pump and 1 pump too many is "1 pump too many".



Fubar - I agree 100%.  I think the lesson is that it's important to do something rather than nothing. So many of those going on to make improvements could've easily thrown the towel in early on due to improvements not being instant.

GS - I'm with you on that. With any treatment option for peyronie's (with the exception of xiaflex, surgery etc) it's a marathon, not a sprint. Any attempt to hurry things along will more likely than not end up resulting in a setback, rather than an improvement.


I think is an important post regarding VED success. James

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Vacuum Erection Devices (VEDs) for Peyronie's Disease / Re: VED side effects?
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Through the 10th week I had no improvement on the bend when erect. It was obvious it was trying to improve but when I got a natural erection it would start out pretty straight and then go back to the bend. After 2 days of 8-9 pumps holding one minute I had an improvement of from 90 degrees to 45. After 2 more days I had another improvement to about 22 degrees. I did notice that my penis did not fully expand to the walls of the cylinder in the area where the bend is until after about 15 minutes of pumping and holding for 1 minute. The next fifteen minutes of pumping and holding. My penis fully expanded to the walls of the cylinder. I had never fully extended to the walls of the cylinder in the peyronnies area holding for 8 seconds even in the small cylinder except for the 1st day of going back to the A cylinder from the C cylinder for the 5th week I think. After that first day of the fifth week less and less of my penis extended to the sides in the damaged area each day. My penis actually shrank in girth and looked really skinny and taunt in the cylinder. I had a few days of peyronnies sensation so I backed off to three pumps for a few days and when the sensations stopped I went back to normal and then it started increasing in length and girth.

I'm going back to the 8-10 seconds and hope I maintain what I have gained and hope I get more improvement. That was the first time I have had any discoloration or problems througout my use of the VED. But I don't think I'd have improved the bend this fast without the long holding but it isn't worth destroying healthy tissue. Thanks for the good advice old man.

On another note. When I got the length back it wasn't a slow process either. Over a period of a few days it increased in length to my former length when erect. I noticed during one session of pumping that my penis actually seemed to be as long as it was going to get and during the next depressuring and pressuring up it extended instantaneously about 3/4 of an inch further than it had at anytime before as if it suddenly had a new channel to allow blood flow. I gained more length every couple of days and when I was at my old length it stopped growing in length.

My peyronnies didn't come on over a period of time. I went to bed one night just fine. My penis woke me up early the next morning and the head felt like it had gone to sleep. Like when you lay on your arm all night. I looked at it. It was erect and bent at a 90 degree angle up close to the head. I lost the erection as soon as I discovered that. After that I started slowly losing length and girth from the bend out to the head and the bend began to move down in the direction of the base. It developed a twist as well as not only bending left but twisting upward as well. It is looking much better now.

I do know that I'd be in dire straights if I hadn't found you guys. The ACL and L-Arginine have really helped my circulation. My feet have looked like roadmaps with the broken veins on my feet since I was in my 20's. My feet actually look better now at 58. I'm sure I had a real blood flow problem to my lower body. Blood flow to the body parts is everything.
Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe ED.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum