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I just received the RestoreX device yesterday. Pretty cool. I will post updates about any progress or lack thereof here.

Current parameters are as follows:
  • 40 or 45 degree bend left and slightly up.
  • A couple palpable nodules and a kind of indented band of tissue that doesn't stretch much. I hope traction can help with this.

Daily Supplements
  • CoQ10
  • Vit D
  • Vit E
  • Sulfurophane from broccoli sprouts
  • Going to order Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Arginine
  • I also take collagen every day for other reasons

Will hopefully be seeing a urologist sometime in the next 6 months (have been referred but haven't heard back). I'll probably add pentox and maybe cialis at that point but it sounds unlikely from what I've read that the supplements will have an appreciable effect on curvature.

Will start the RestoreX protocol today or tomorrow and continue for the recommended treatment period or longer. I also intend to see if CCH is available and potentially pursue that approach later on if it seems like a good idea.

I would be really happy if I could get the average 17 degree reduction in curvature from RestoreX.

Couple questions:

Q1. I will be travelling for 1 week in April and 1 week in May and will probably not have much privacy during those periods. Will missing these days have a significant impact on the RestoreX treatment plan? I assume I will just have to do it for a longer period to make up the missed time. Just wondering if its bad to start daily traction and then skip a week here and there. Perhaps when I get back I should ramp it up slowly again each time. Any thoughts?

Q2. Is there a VED in particular that everyone thinks is the best? I'm not as familiar with this but it seems like it might be a good complement to traction. How much do these typically cost?
~40° left curvature
Original diagnosis in 2015

Currently taking E, CoQ10, L-Arginine, ALCAR
and following RestoreX protocol since 1-APR-2023


I have been diligently using the RestoreX device since 30-Mar. I ordered some makeup pads on Amazon like those suggested by others but have not actually been using them in the clamp. For me the tape seems to work really well, though I did have to use the larger clamp setting. The preset clamp setting was just too tight, even at the first click. I have found a single makeup pad works great as a soft buffer between the penis and the device while counterbending though.

I finished the first phase (8 mins straight, 2 mins counterbend, 3x per day) and the second phase (13 mins straight, 2 mins counterbend, 3x per day) and am going to begin the third phase tonight (15 mins straight, 15 mins counterbend, 2x per day). I have not noticed any change in length or curvature as yet but its very early still. I have been happy with the stretching progress so far though. Last few days I was able to do Counterbend Position 3 (90°). Even Position 1 (30°) seemed pretty intense when I started.

The device puts a little pressure on my right testicle while under tension, which has caused some discomfort over the course of a day. I tried putting a sock between the pelvic ring and the testicle but that hasn't helped much. Even after a hot bath and in standing/sitting/lying positions the ring always seems to aim at my ball. I might use a sponge with a hole in it or something as another user mentioned.

I have also been unsure about where to best target the counterbending. I have two palpable plaque areas, one which I think is responsible for more of the curvature so I am usually aiming to have that general plaque area located at the maximum counterbend. The curvature is mostly to the left so I am doing mostly rightward bending.

I think its an excellent device, great design and engineering. And as others have mentioned, customer service is terrific. I am trying to approach this situation and these traction sessions with curiosity and hope. The body is very adaptive and I feel this treatment makes intuitive sense. So it is worth a disciplined and thorough investigation.
~40° left curvature
Original diagnosis in 2015

Currently taking E, CoQ10, L-Arginine, ALCAR
and following RestoreX protocol since 1-APR-2023


First noticed November 2022 - appeared overnight!
Left Lateral Curvature 45° Dorsal 60° / Mid Shaft / + Hourglass.
No Erectile Dysfunction, No Pain
Vit E / VED / Coenzyme Q10


Have you found any success with your treatment protocol?


I'm looking forward to read your report soon! Hoping to see any advance in your case.
wish you the best!
I don't remember when my Peyronie started. But I've been dealing with it for at least 5 years now.
I only try with cialis and acetyl l-carnitine (without improvements)
I have a curvature to the left side (of around 40º)
I'm currently 42 years old