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Hi, Maybe it's weird question, but could anyone tell if normally tunica surface should be perfectly smooth when palpating in erection? I'm wondering if an uneven surface of tunica is something normal. I don't mean evident nodules or lumps, just slightly uneven bumpy surface, which does not seem to be effect of skin or veins underneath. Thanks.
early 30s
unclear imaging results
slight left curvature + lump on left distal dorsal part since teenager
2 soft vein-like ribs on right side + small 2 dents around when flaccid
sometimes sensation/aching on right side when flaccid for long time


My tunica is bumpy and lumpy, no idea what it was like pre-peyronies. I find that when I'm using my traction device I'm able to really clearly see all the deviations, but my lump is the only thing that's properly palpable.
35. No injury. Lump Feb 22.
Pain, dent, left & upward bend ~50deg. Bad EQ.
Cialis Dac 22 - ear issues.
Diagnosed Feb 23.
VED Oct 22. PMP Feb 23.
Lump reduced May 23, dent remains, angle a little better. EQ improved.

Supportive partner, depression.