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I suffered damage to my right penile cavernosm, pretty seriously, as it is not nearly as plump as the undamaged left cavernosm, as a result of a physician doing a botched treatment to priapism.
The resultant issue, is that my penis tilts to the left--the undamaged side--and with a slight twist towards the undamaged side, because the damaged right side cannot fill up with blood during an erection (likely scar tissue but not plaque) compared to the left side, at any level of excitement or flaccidity. The tils ranges from 7 percent flaccid, to 35 percent half-erection, to 1 percent full erection. I have had Erectile Dysfunction even before the priapism and I have trouble with getting erect, but much more staying erect to perform intercourse. Oral Erectile Dysfunction meds are slightly helpful, but I do get some help with the daily tadalafil. I otherwise have to use injectable Erectile Dysfunction meds...

My question is does anyone have any experience about this? I bought the topline traction device, the one with a (company sponsored study). Is this device useful for someone with a damaged, scared cavernosom, or only for people with peyronne's disease related to plaque? Thank you for your support. I am looking into the plasma P-shots and even stem cells in Colombia.


Traction will help, approx 4-6hrs a day. But you should implement using a VED and also use pentoxifylline as it has been shown to reverse corporal fibrosis.
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@jesterpr for how many hours was the priapism? Was it caused by an injection?
30 years old, experienced penile scarring after an injection that caused a 6-6:30 hour erection while 25