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Hey Everyone,

I searched around but couldn't find a similar thread so I figured I'd ask.

I am new to the VED pump game and the only reason why I got a SOMA pump is because I heard it could help me get my thickness back (I have like 2 lumps around halfway through my shaft, then from there to the tip my penis is thinner), I also believe I lost some length.

The base of my penis is still pretty thick however, I can only use the C cylinder ( I bought the SOMAErectSTF model with the 3 cylinders)

I noticed I cant put my penis in the C tube if the "black rubber" comfort insert is there, I can only put my guy in there without the insert, I have been basically pushing the bare cylinder plastic against my body and hoping its creating suction.

I also can't freaking help getting an erection when I'm fiddling with my dude...

Can anyone give me some advice around:
- Can I use the pump without the "comfort insert"? aka can I do what I am currently doing? (just put the bare cylinder against my body and start pumping)
- Do I need to wait for my erection to go away and only after I am soft again I can pump? I ask because I want to do the protocol following the instructions that came with the device (says to hold erection for 1 min, do it from 10-20 mins once a day, pump 3 times, wait for the blood to go, and continue until a full erection)
- Can I pump after I got a full erection or is that a really stupid idea and dangerous? From what I read it seems like this is not recommended, but like I said I keep getting my penis hard anyways in the tube and I am barely doing any pumping...

Looking forward to hearing from the more experienced gents, I am trying to remember that "less is more" and not to rush or get too excited about getting my shape back via the VED.

Thank you
28 years. At least 2 lumps. one each side.
Narrowing after lump spots (lumps are in the middle of the penis, and the narrowing goes up to the tip)
No erection problems but some soreness and overall smaller dimensions


ive been using ved on and off for like 1.5 years.

first of all congrats on having such great erectile function that you can't help but be erect when you touch yourself. i wish i had that problem hahahaha
anyway, pumping when 80% or more erect is imo very risky.
when penis is erect, the albuginea is stretched already, therefore weaker, tinner, subject to tension already.
if you have more like a 40% erection than i guess go ahead but don't exaggerate
i think VED definitely can help you get thickness back, from my experience it did.

so ye try to avoid pumping with a really solid erection.
regarding the previous question i cant help you
20 yo, Peyronies Disease 2020(55 degrees down) + congenital curve
loss of length, stable erection, sensation. hourglassing
antioxidants, hyaluronic acid injected & oral, maybe Yachia in future
Recently started VED 2x a week
Still wants sex and a relationship