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Folks, this may not be the right forum to discuss the topic, however, having been through it I thought it was worth discussing. To start, I have been on Finasteride since 08/2000.

My family has a nasty history of aggressive prostate cancer. Dad, T2C Gleason 7 October 2000. He beat it with a combination of hormone deprivation therapy, external beam and internal radiation seed imnplant. Uncle Jerry, a UPenn Oncologist, fell to a Gleason 8 in February 2012 after seed montherapy. My older brother appears (emphasis added) to have beaten a T2C Gleason 9 following hormone deprivation therapy, external beam and an HDR Implant 12/2019.

I have been on Finasteride since 08/2000. Over the years there really weren't any side effects and my PSA held at .4. Things have changed of late. I developed Peyronies Disease late 2021 and things haven't been quite so active below the belt. I stopped Finasteride 02/2023 and due to a testosterone level of 289, have been undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. Holy slap, it's only been a month but already a welcome increase in activity below the belt has happened. While potentially biased, the MD said that Finasteride can cause impotence and Peyronie's and said to stop it. There comes a point where a decision has to be made, that being the chance of prostate cancer vs. the certainty of impotence and Peyronie's. My in-person visit with Dr. Trost is 03/16/2023. No opinion is offered as to whether people should continue with Finasteride or not. This is only my experience.  
-Peyronies Disease onsite 11/2021
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Finasteride should be completely taken off the market as is my opinion. There are Fin boards out there that discuss the horror and tragedy of this drug but $$ is to be made. It completely destroys your DHT which as a man you definitely need. Now some men have been able to recover from it in time, others not. I have been on full T replacement for 19 years from a level of 101 . It is important that you do have an educated Dr who is administrating it for you. Yes it does bring you "back to life". Prostate cancer is something to be concerned about though if it runs in your genetics. I would approach this from a preventative measure and do everything pro health for your body and prostate function. Add zinc cruciferous veggies and lots of water etc...
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