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I injured my penis from 12 hours of masterbation back in November and since then I have a band of hardened tissue mid shaft. It is visible when semi but not when erect. The problem is even though if is not visible when erect that area is always the same harness and not rigid which causes buckling and instability.

It seemed to improve for awhile then I had sex with a sub par erection and now it is worse even masterbation and ejaculation are challenging but possible. Ejaculation is difficult because of the fiberous band making the tip less firm which in turn requires less friction and careful rubbing as to not bend it.

I am 100% convinced this is not "in my head" as some have suggested. However, it is having bad physiological consequences for me. My penis was a big source of confidence for me and not having it work properly has eroded my confidence and changed the way I interact with women and even men. As a result I have isolated myself completely which really sucks having little human contact but I don't want people to see the shell of who I was. I feel an IPP is my only solution maybe there is a better way. Regardless I hope to get answers soon as the effects this is having on my mental health are extreme. My first appointment with Hakky is Friday.
33 years old, symptoms started early 20's but never really bothered me until the last two years
Trimix worked well but caused more scarring. 
Titan 24CM XL+ 1 CM RTE'S Dr. Hakky 4/4/23
Hyaluronic acid penis filler by Dr. Hakky June 2023