Ledderhose and Peyronies

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I've had Peyronies Disease for approximately 5-6 years (mid-50's).  Within the past couple years I have also noticed a lump on the bottom of my foot.  I went to my doctor and they said I had Ledderhose Disease and there wasn't much I could do about it.  Just Verapamil topical cream or surgery.  It isn't too bad so I will not get surgery.  I left the Dr appointment thinking that it sounded eerily like the response my Urologist gave me about Peyronies Disease.  I went home and did a bit of internet research and came across the following article:


The research says that Ledderhose and Peyronie's appear to be related (as well as Dupytren). 

Has anyone else had any experience with Ledderhose and Peyronies?  I haven't tried Verapamil for Peyronies because 1. My Urologist didn't prescribe it, and 2. this site didn't seem to think that topical creams work for Peyronies Disease.  But I was wondering if the reason that some treatments work for some people and not others is the cause of Peyronies Disease.  For some people Peyronies Disease is genetic (northern European descent) and for others it could be caused by trauma.  I've tried Xiaflex and it didn't do anything.  But maybe because Xiaflex works for trauma Peyronies Disease but not genetic.  I know I am probably reaching here but I am tired of dealing with this.  I've lost size and girth.  My hinging seemed to go away on its own thankfully but I still have a 30 degree curve. 


I only have experience with Peyronies, but it has been known for some time that the 3 are similar in how they impact tissue.
Developed peyronies 2007 - 70 degree dorsal
Traction/MEDs/Injections/Surgery 2008
66y/o  14 years Peyronies free
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Hello, I developed Peyronies Disease when I was 20 y.o (in 2003). And I've developed Ledderhose as well in my feet, I have 2 nodules in left foot and 1 in right foot. Also I have a garrod pad (or knuckle pad) in left hand, medium finger.

I can say that in my case all these diseases have a strong hereditary component because my father developed Peyronies Disease when he was in his middle 60s and Dupuytren in one hand a bit later.

I guess I will develop Dupuytren some time in future. Main problem is that in Spain we haven't collagenase treatment anymore.

Luckily for me Peyronies Disease, LD and knuckle pad are not so hard, I don't have any pain at all, I can have sexual relationships normally and I don't have erectile dysfunction (I had a light upward congenital curvature in penis so Peyronies Disease didn't deforme much it).

Best regards from Spain.
40 y.o
Peyronies Disease since 2003
Ledderhose in left foot since 2019 and right foot since 2021
Dad also with Peyronies Disease in his 70's and Dupuytren in his 60's
30 degree upward and slight left curve.
Treated in acute phase with vitamin E + tamoxifen