Masterbation and Peyronie's

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I have a general question for the group here. I've had Peyronies for like 12 years was stable for a while but last year its gotten a lot worse. The last month or so I've started to have almost constant pain even in a flaccid state. I've always been a person who masterbates a lot. My thoughts are to stop masterbation completely for a while (among other things, like oral meds) to see if that can help the inflammation calm down, but I'm not 100% sure if that;s the right approach. Reason is several specialists Ive been too over the years say that you should keep using the organ in at least some capacity so as to keep blood flowing down there (which can help with healing). Granted they told me this several years ago and perhaps my issue was not as bad then. I'm going to see a specialist again soon, so I'll ask his advise, but I'm also interested in personal experience from folks on this board.  
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My personal experience having the disease almost 3 years now is that for me it does not matter wether I jack off frequently or if I abstain for over a month I notice zero improvement/difference. Everyones case is different but this is my personal experience.

Prior to Peyronies if I would abstain only 7 days I would get raging erections throughout the days, I could feel the blood pumping down there.

Nowadays I can go over a month without even touching myself down there and get almost zero spontaneous erections.

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From my own personal experience abstaining from sex from intercourse or masturbation when you are in acute pain is good and allows healing. If you are having nighttime erections then your penis is getting oxygen rich blood. Each person has to check this out for themselves. Rough sex or masturbation will do more harm and set you back further. Let things heal.
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